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Mission-shaped planning challenges the church to think on a deeper level than mere activity…we are invited to think differently about everything we do. The goal of a mission action plan is not a church-shaped mission – it’s a mission-shaped church.


A mission-shaped church is:

  • Incarnational in seeking to move into the communities it hears God calling it to reach and is born anew among those communities, shaping itself to the culture in which it finds itself

  • Relational in that through evolving connections and bonds in the community, people see, hear and respond to the God they encounter

  • Discipling in that as those people encounter God through relationships, they experience a desire to become followers of Jesus, to be like those with whom they are in relationship

  • Transformational in that as those people become disciples, they are transformed and, in turn, transform their communities and the culture of their neighbourhood


Our Mission Action Plan (MAP) sets a course for action and reflection, for renewal and mission; a course that is porous enough to respond to ongoing review, refinement, and development as the Spirit continues to stir the soul of St. Cuthbert's.

Our MAP has three main components:

Fullness of Life in the Neighbourhood

Reshaping Parish Culture

Adult Faith Formation

We also provide regular MAP updates which highlight a particular area of our MAP.

July 2023

October 2023

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